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Situations Requiring Brand-Specific Collision Repair

Lighter weight and fuel efficiency are the two main concerns currently at the top of the list of considerations for most automakers. This has led to a situation where steel is no longer the material of choice in the manufacture of auto parts and car bodies. However, despite their various advantages, the materials used and developed today are less deformable and more difficult to repair compared to steel.

Aluminum alloys are one of the most popular materials used in automotive production today. When you look at the 2021 Mercedes SL, it's hard to imagine that this beautiful piece of engineering is mainly collision repair colorado springs composed of high-quality recycled aluminum. However, the use of these materials has resulted in higher performance and fuel efficiency in this car despite a smaller engine.

The use of aluminum in cars is not entirely new. The material was previously used for bumpers, some engine parts, deck covers, hoods, cylinder heads, and intake manifolds. When using aluminum, a weight saving of between 40 and 50 percent was observed.

Today's technical progress has led to the production of aluminum-intensive cars, such as the 2021 Mercedes SL, whose structural components are made of this material. Collision repair for cars with aluminum structural parts is one of the situations that require brand-specific collision repairs.
Due to the special properties of aluminum, this material does not react in the same way as steel when machined. It takes special equipment and techniques to successfully straighten, weld, and repairs it. The fact that there are different types of alloys, with a variety of reinforcement treatments, only complicates the repair of vehicles with aluminum frames after a collision.

Something as simple as applying the wrong temperature can cause the material to become brittle and the car to lose its structural integrity. To avoid this, most auto manufacturers recommend using collision repair shops to use rivets and structural adhesives when working on aluminum frames in vehicles.

With these developments, there has been a trend for car manufacturers to certify certain collision repair shops as designated for the vehicles they produce. These brand-specific collision repair shops are certified after meeting certain requirements, demonstrating that they have the skilled labor and equipment necessary to effectively repair the cars produced by the respective manufacturer. While this has caused some repair shops to lose business, car owners have benefited immensely as their cars are repaired to factory standards.

In order for this trend not to kill competing companies, car manufacturers must be forced to freely distribute repair information to all parties who request it. With some car manufacturers such as BMW planning to produce cars with carbon fiber structures that are much stronger than steel, collision repair shops will have to keep up with rapid developments in automotive engineering. This is the only way to keep your Bodyshop competitive now and in the future.

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